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About me

Fredy Montero Abril


I started my investigations in the field of lepidopterology in the year 2000 and since then i have conducted dozens of field trips all around Colombia including the most remote areas.


Since 2009, I began my experience as an active part of contributing to the scientifical knowledge about the ecological relationships of butterflies and their natural ecosystems. Developing my research especially focused on descriptions of life cycles and natural history (See field guides and articles).

Academically, during the years in the subject, I managed to attend some of the most important events in the development of lepidopterist scientifical research in Colombia, which also allowed me to realize the great potential of my abilities and get in touch with some of the greatest exponents related to these insects in America and Europe. I am a founding member of the ACOLEP (Colombian Lepidopterology Association). Founding member of the ACZ (Colombian Association of Zoology), besides I am active as an advisor in pedagogical projects in some colleges and universities of the country.


Since 2010 I have incorporated the methods of taking photographs of butterflies in their natural environment into my research, managing to produce shots of species never achieved before alife (endemic species, or species new to science, for example). Afterwards I have traveled a lot in the country, also achieving the recognition of special places for meeting and watching butterflies. Thanks to these activities since 2012, I have been contacted by a number of lepidopterologists, photographers and wildlife documentarians, to guide them based on my unique knowledge and organize their travels around the country in order to garantee them unforgetable and amazing experiences.

Reference of ALF

This is a special reference, which kindly the friends of the ALF (Association of Lepidopterologists of France), published on their website, where they usually suggest, which are the special places for watching butterflies in each country. In this case they recommended with whom to observe butterflies in Colombia .. I am very Grateful and honored by this recognition.

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