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Our Butterflies waiting ...

More and more people know the country and its butterflies.

All of the trips that we offer are unique experiences that we personalize according to your needs and concerns . We design your individual or group journey completely including airport pick-up, transports, food and accomodation , depending on habitats, regions or species you want to view. And then we dedicate ourselves to organize the best options and routes, seeking to meet the objectives. We plan our trips taking into account the best times of the year, which are the dry seasons, we try to offer you to watch the maximum of diversity of butterflies and the less mileage possible. The idea is few kilometers and many places.


The expeditions are for photographing and viewing butterflies in their natural habitat, not for hunting or collecting specimens.


There are several well established routs, in which you are garanteed  to be able to view an excellent number of species in different ecosystems from higher altitudes such as in the vicinity of Bogota, above 3000m.u.n.s and descending down  to low areas at 200m.


A common rout is the journey to the eastern plains, where in a two week trip  on average, we can visit between five or six places with different altitudes, being able to find a butterfly fauna quite representative of the country.


Do not hesitate to contact me, when you are planning to visit Colombia, surely we will organize and implement an excellent travel plan, with amazing experiences and unique moments.


The costs of the trip: Usually the estimated costs an average, for a trip of two weeks, in an ideal group of four people taking in consideration the transport and management of the staff. With privat rooms, equipped for 2 persons, in 3* hotels or rural accomodations  including transportation and food, can be around $ 3000 - $ 3500 € per person. These costs can increase or decrease according to the necessities of each trip.

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