Field Guides

In these catalogs is the compendium of photographs identified and organized taxonomically of some of the localities visited.

Scientific Papers

This is a serie of scientific papers, published in different news in entomology and natural history. The mayority are investigations about life cycles and ecology, contributing to the systematic and nomenclatural topics. 

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Life cycle of Lasiophila circe

The immature stages of Lasiophila circe circe C. Felder and R. Felder, 1859, are described for the first time, also representing the first published description of the life cycle for any species in this genus. The species used as host plant Chusquea serrulata Pilger, 1898 (Poaceae: Bambusoidea). Females oviposited single eggs on the underside of the selected leaves. The life cycle from egg to adult emergence was 134 days on average, after being reared ex situm in the same area.

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