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Colombia with its surface area of ​​1142 million square km is among the most biological diverse countries of the world. It is the most diverse in birdspecies, frogs, orchids and butterflies (around 4000 species) thanks to the division of the Cordillera de los Andes In its territory, there are special ecosystems from the dry forest, typical of the caribbean coast and the low lands and mountanous areas (1000 - 2500 m.u.n.s). between valleys of its main rivers (Magdalena and Cauca), having a representative forest in the Choco, a unique humid rainforest.

The seperation of the Andes into the western, central and eastern ranges, allows us to observe the maximum diversification of subspecies in these areas. To the east the extensive plains and to the south the immense basin of the Amazonian forest.


But in addition, there are special and unique ecosystems, such as the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and other independent mountain areas, their peeks and confluence zones between different eco-geographic systems.

Colombia is the richest country in subspecies of Butterflies, it is a special place of ​​endemism with a great number of species still to be discovered for our planet.

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